Friday, June 3, 2011

Does Commodity Run Imply a Neo-Malthusian Reality?

Nicholas Pardini submits:

The sharp rise in food, precious metals, and oil prices has been explained by a number of causes that spread from a debased dollar, to growing appetite for meat in emerging markets, to speculation from commodity traders. However, these are rationalizations explaining demand growth.

What is widely ignored is the supply shortages in global food stocks, oil reserves, and major mines. Compounding this fact with high population growth, humanity may be living beyond its carrying capacity. Prominent investors (most notably Jeremy Grantham) and academics have commented on a possible reversion to the Malthusian model of economics, where the global standard of living needs to revert to subsistence level. Any future prosperity will be undercut by increasing mouths to feed or gas tanks needed to be filled in this new society.

What is the aftermath of the road to a Malthusian mean? The main effects of unsustainable consumption food and energy

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