Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emerging Markets: Time to Buy Again Approaching Fast

Nigam Arora submits:

The famed investor John Templeton said, ?Buy when there is blood in the streets.? Right now there is a lot of blood in the stock prices of emerging markets. As my long time readers know, I follow the ZYX Change Method. We closely follow 15 emerging markets for the ZYX Emerging Markets ETF Alert.

Our calls to be long on emerging markets last year were spot on. The ZYX Change Method got us out of most emerging markets right near the top. Since then we have had a short-term sell or neutral rating on all but Turkey or Taiwan.

Our models are now close to giving a buy signal on several of the emerging markets again. Emerging markets can be extremely lucrative if one can avoid the steep corrections. Our plan is rather simple, buy close to the swing bottoms and sell close to the swing tops.

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