Sunday, June 19, 2011

Penn West: Reasonably Priced, Fat Dividend Yield

Devon Shire submits:

I?ve written before about my interest in unconventional oil investments in Western Canada. Some of the companies I?m interested in have shrewdly accumulated large land positions in emerging oil plays in recent years . These companies are taking advantage of technology which is unlocking oil that was previously not recoverable economically.

But it isn?t just the companies on the forefront of pushing technology forward that are benefiting. Companies that are sitting on huge land positions from decades ago are also enormous beneficiaries. These companies, with legacy positions in what was previously thought to be fully explored land, now find themselves with acreage that is worth multiples of what it was five years ago. And this acreage gives them a simple path to long term production and reserve growth as technology unlocks oil that they previously couldn?t produce.

In Western Canada there is no company that will benefit more from the

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