Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple Moves the Digital Hub From the Mac to iCloud

Erick Schonfeld submits:

For the past decade, Apple (AAPL) has treated the PC as the central digital hub which managed and stored all of your digital music, photos, videos, and documents. But managing your own digital hub no longer makes sense. ?It worked for the better part of 10 years,? says Steve Jobs, ?But it has broken down in the past few years.? When iOS 5 is released this fall, it will move the digital hub online with iCloud.

Today, Steve Jobs detailed what iCloud will be, and it is much more than simply iTunes in the cloud. At launch, it will include nine cloud components, including iTunes, Photo Stream, Storage, iBooks, Backup, App Store, and all the MobileMe apps (Contacts, Calendar, Mail). And it will be free as part of the OS, with five gigabytes of storage.

With iCloud, the PC gets demoted to just another device and everything gets stored and

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