Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 4G Upside for VirnetX Holding Corp.

Todd Johnson submits:

VirnetX Holding Corporation (AMEX: VHC) is an intriquing 4G communication patent holding company. VirnetX's assets are its perceived valuable 4G IT patents and patent applications. VirnetX is currently trading near record highs due to the potential to sign lucrative patent licensing deals with the premiere worldwide companies in the communication arena. VirnetX provides individuals, corporations, and governments the legal authority to implement a secure 4G IT communication infrastructure.

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VirnetX Business Model Summary
Corporate and government communication privacy is vital to the basic needs of a free and lawful society. Alleged criminals, however, see communication privacy through a different prism. G-mail, the White House, and even a non-profit FBI entity - InfraGard - have been recently attacked by malicious intruders.

Sony (
SNE) cannot accept a business plan that is vulnerable to constant malicious hacking. The first issue to address is internet security for its customers and employees. VirnetX's

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