Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Somaxon Is a Sleeper in the Insomnia Market

Len Zehr submits:

Somaxon Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SOMX) is burning the midnight oil to get its message out about the safety and efficacy of Silenor, its recently launched drug to treat insomnia.

Silenor is the first and only FDA-approved product for sleep maintenance insomnia that is not associated with risk of abuse or physical dependence. CEO Richard Pascoe says in an exclusive interview with BioTuesdays.com.

It promotes sleep into hours seven and eight, has no next-day residual effects and is not a controlled substance like several competing sleep aids.

The drug, which is approved for use in adults and the elderly, does not have side effects that should concern physicians or patients, he claims, adding that:

we believe Silenor?s product profile makes it the ideal first-line therapy for people who struggle to stay asleep during the night.

As its first marketed product, laying the foundation for Silenor?s long-term commercial success is Somaxon?s overriding goal this

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